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Meet the highest demands with Southco E3 VISE ACTION®


Southco MedizintechnikDealing with Corona still requires special attention not only in everyday life, but above all in industries with high hygiene standards such as the food or medical industry. The focus is therefore on products that meet the high requirements and are used where sealing and quality are of the highest importance.

Due to these increasing requirements, the KVT-Fastening partner company Southco has expanded its successful product line of compression locks with a new version: the E3 VISE ACTION® compression lock. The new model corresponds to protection class IP69K (German standard DIN 40050-9) and was developed for areas where additional protection against high pressure and temperatures is necessary. The special seal prevents the ingress of dust and liquids.

This requirement is essential, especially in the medical field or in the food industry: Special chemicals are often used for medical devices or machines for food processing, which the E3 can easily withstand. It is made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with a high-pressure seal to prevent the ingress of liquids in order to withstand high-pressure cleaning processes at high temperatures and to meet specific hygiene requirements.

Just like the standard E3 series from Southco, the E3 with high pressure seal ensures quick and easy access thanks to a convenient rotary knob or operating handle and enables a robust, vibration-resistant attachment. This can be a decisive advantage, especially in ambulances.

In addition, the E3 with high pressure seal has the same mounting dimensions as the standard series, so that customers do not have any challenges when retrofitting.

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