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Brief introduction: bigHead

bigHead fastening elements are today available in around 400 standard versions and over 5,000 solutions for specific applications. That means they belong to the most versatile fixing elements of all in the industrial field. And yet they were invented as recently as 1966. At that time, designers were confronted with the challenge of how to bond compound materials strongly and efficiently. With the technology available at that time, this was just impossible to achieve in the required quality.

It was finally made possible through the simple but brilliant principle of a bigHead, which consists of a load-spreading head element and a load-bearing fixing element. In this way, the different requirements in the fastening itself and the respective basic material could be ideally taken into account right from the start. We use high-strength welding to weld the components together. That's what gives a bigHead its extreme versatility and flexibility. Using this "building block" principle, it is possible even today to harmonise our customers' wildly differing requirements and approaches to design, material and coatings in an ideal manner.

Due to the enormous versatility in its design and range of possible applications, this fastening element very quickly developed into a design classic. Whether it's in automotive construction, shipbuilding, renewable energies or in electronics, bigHead fasteners today provide the solution not only to demanding challenges for fastening solutions. As they simplify manufacturing processes and improve product quality, they are increasingly used in standard applications. bigHead fasteners are made in Great Britain and due to the high performance and efficiency of the manufacturing facilities there, it is also possible to fulfil customer requirements even if only short production runs are needed.

The bigHead engineers have an enormous fund of expertise and over 50 years' experience of fastening requirements in a wide range of industrial backgrounds and with the most modern of composite materials. KVT-Fastening presents itself as a specialist partner which will solve even the most complex of tasks with the customer and in close co-operation with bigHead, either right from the start in the development process, or afterwards. The aim is always to create the optimum solution for the task at hand. A co-operation you can trust, targeted development and concrete prototype support are just as much a part of it as the support we render you in tests and trials and individual process optimisation.

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